From drawing to reality. Mini quad tutorial

Here is a gif of my process for designing, 3d printing, and casting aluminum mini quad frames. This is meant to give you an overview of the concept. Hit me up if you want a more detailed tut.

Drawing to Reality Tut
Drawing to vector to stl


Advanced Photo Media Portfolio

This project was a lot of fun. I set out with the idea to reveal a secret history in the landscape. The hidden world only existed as a series of personal connections and memories associated with the land. With the help of modern technology I was able to uncover these places and create a visual representation to share. I hope you enjoy the body of work that is the result of 2 months of focus.

Truth be told I came up with this idea to make beautiful landscape photos, and then to augment them with unique CG assets. I generated these assets using hard edge modelling and photogrammetry. I textured the assets by taking photos on location and extracting diffuse, specular, normal, displacement, ambient occlusion, grunge, and crack maps from them. I also made procedural textures when there was no reference available in the field.

Recent 3D Renders

These are some 3D renders I made for various classes at ISU this past semester. I have been neglectful in posting these, but I will be more diligent in the future. Let me know if you like seeing this type of work along with my photos and I will post more.


3D Art Summer ’14