Feature Assignment

This assignment was to take a feature photo. I decided to interview Geran Call with Robotics and Communication Systems Engineering Technology program at Idaho State University College of Technology. Geran gave me a tour of the 3d printing and robotics labs. This was a great experience. First he introduced me to the 3d printed R2D2 (from the movie Star Wars). This radio controlled droid is fully functional and life sized. It has motorized accessory ports, the head rotates, it drives around, and it can even talk in the classic R2D2 style. Geran teaches his students to design and build functional robotic systems using 3d printed and laser cut parts. The team also built a fuctional Wall-E robot from the Disney Pixar Movie Wall-E. We explored the 3d printing lab and Geran demonstrated how the big 3d printer can blend plastic and rubber to achieve custom physical properties in the resulting printed material. There are so many cool things in the robotics lab I had to struggle to stay focused. A robotic guitar caught my attention. The guitar has one string and a computer that controls the amount of tension applied to the string. There is also a robotic strumming mechanism that holds guitar picks. The computer controls the tension and strumming to create music notes and ultimately guitar music. The last stop on the tour was in the robot lab where Geran showed me the 3d printed robot arm. The arm moves ping pong balls around and plays beer pong. This tour was awesome, and Geran is an interesting person. I really enjoyed this assignment. It was hard to decide on a single image for my assignment, and I am glad I can put the whole story up here. I hope you enjoy and get inspired to make something cool!


Assignment #3 News Shot

The Boy’s 3200 Meter Race at the 2015 Simplot Games was a close match between Elijah Armstrong of Pocatello, Idaho and Levi Thomet of Kodiak, Alaska. Levi pushed Elijah the entire race, and the two of them left the pack behind. The energy in the Holt Arena during that final lap was at a very high intensity level. Elijah came in first with Levi right behind him; just one second from a national record. This was my first experience with shooting a live sports event. I found it to be a fun and challenging project. I was also shooting video footage of the race while covering the story for this assignment. I had a great time.

Street Portraits

This week our assignment was to shoot street portraits. We were to use a theme throughout the series of portraits, I decided to shoot portraits of musicians. I started out at the Fine Arts Building at ISU, and then made my way to the Student Union Building, and finally down to Old Town. I met some cool Musicians while shooting this assignment, I wish I had more time to shoot.

Campus Caption Exercise

The assignment is to take photos in support of or against the statement that ISU buildings are in good condition. I decided to support the claim that the buildings are clean, sturdy, and create a healthy learning environment. I took my Nikon and started researching the state of our buildings at ISU. I found them to be well maintained tidy. The physical science building has a great entry way. The space is open and balanced. The building was pretty clean and the tile floor caught the sun from the window. I decided to shoot just under exposed to get some detail through the windows. The rendezvous building was built while I was attending the college of technology. I would look out and watch the workers installing struts and concrete forms. The design of this building is effective as a space for students to mingle, live, and attend classes. The education building has this neat little garden area that I wanted to shoot. The light was not ideal, but I managed to get a clear shot with decent color saturation by propping my camera on a rock. I enjoyed exploring campus searching out the good side of things even though I gave myself very little time to really soak it in.

Assignment #5 Still Life

The Assignment is to create a summer scene in the studio during winter. I felt like lemonade and watermelon were my best bet for a summer feel. I set my white balance manually to warm up the light and used a graded filter to cool off the background just a touch. I spent a lot of time on the composition and getting the proper exposure with shallow depth of field and two light studio flash. I enjoyed the experience of setting up and executing an idea in the studio. This genre of photography could be something I explore further.

Assignment 3

These are my deadpan landscapes. I am no purist, and I wanted to capture the emotion and the sense of place present in each location. Sometimes this goal required me to deviate from the typical deadpan rule book and style guide. I really enjoyed shooting these photos, but it was a sacrifice converting them to black and white. I love the way the series turned out in black and white, but I will post the full color versions in another post if you wish to view them too. The colors in these skies are worth a look.

Chesterfield Trip

Dr. Ownby took the class out to the old Chesterfield ghost town by Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. We went there to work on photographing panoramas. The trip was very fun and it was an interesting experience. I have a personal connection to the old township. My step father Troy Call is a descendant of Chester Call, the man who Chesterfield is named for. It was neat to wander around and explore the old buildings. I really got a sense of how things were back then.

While out at Chesterfield, I decided to collect some light data. I shot two 360 hfov panoramas, one with 3 bracketed exposures 2 stops apart. I stitched the resulting photos, 187 of them for each pano, and stacked the bracketed panoramas together. Then reprojected from the rectilinear projection captured by my camera to an equirectangular projection, which is more useful for CG. I also shot several light probes. I have a 3 inch mirrored ball on a mini tripod which I shoot 5 bracketed exposures 2 stops apart and stack the resulting photos into a 32 bit radiance file. Then reproject from a spherical angular map projection on the ball to an equirectangular projection. The 360 pan makes a great background plate for 3d scenes, and the light probe does a great job of shining the real world lighting into the 3d scene.

All in all this was a great experience, and I came away from it with several valuable assets. I hope you enjoy my photos from this trip.